Zenfolio | Sean Kelly Portraits | Portrait Price List

These are the prices for prints.  This does not include the cost of the portrait session. 

For the various portrait session types and costs, go here:

Portrait Session Options


Portrait Packages


You create your own custom portrait package by ordering in 8"X10” units.  Except for wallets, each picture within a unit may be a different pose.  For example, a unit of 4 - 4x5's may consist of 4 different poses.  However, all 8 wallets must be the same pose for each unit.


1 Unit = 1-8X10 or 2-5X7's or 4-4X5's or 8 wallets


First five units: $20 each

Units 6+ = $15 each



Pictures will be cropped to your liking for no charge. Basic retouching for blemishes, wrinkles, etc. is included. More extensive retouching is available at an hourly rate (for example, slimming the face or figure, swapping heads, removing or adding people or backgrounds, etc.)




Additional Sizes

These are custom-printed portraits meant to be framed and hung in a prominent place in your home.  Basic retouching for blemishes and wrinkles is included, plus each portrait is optimized for details in highlight and shadow areas.


11x14 = $40 unmounted

$50 mounted


16x20 = $125

mounted on foam-core


20x24 = $150

mounted on foam-core


24x36 = $300

mounted on foam-core


16x20 Collage = $150

Select 5 poses

mounted on foam-core


16X20 stretched artist canvas = $250

Other sizes available.  Ask for price.


Your portrait is printed onto canvas and stretched onto a wood frame like a painting.  It truly is an heirloom that will last generations!